I was the first to break the news that Alan Angeloni was going to retire and was prepared to sell his 42-year incredibly success establishment … Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge.

I was then the first to confirm that Alan Angeloni had sold his restaurant. At the time, I could only reveal that he sold it to a local restaurant owner.

Next, I was the first to confirm that Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge would re-open as “Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge,” which shows how smart the new owners really are.

The reputation, record of excellence and overall consistency that Alan Angeloni achieved for more than 4 decades … it would be ridiculous to not capitalize on that.

I was still bound by the promise that I had made not to reveal the name of the new owner.

The rumor mill about who will be the next owner of Angeloni’s has swirled with intense speculation for months.

For the first time, I am publicly confirming that which I have known for many months … the new owners of Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge are … the current owners of Tony’s Baltimore Grill.

Ronald Nolan Aspell and his wife Julie are the new owners. Officially, Julie is the owner.

I cannot confirm when Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge will re-open, however, a confidential source has long told me that the new owners goal is to open in February, 2024.

So many people are looking forward to the much anticipated return of Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge.

Many have asked me if the new owners will bring back the wonderful Angeloni’s recipes.

I’m not sure, but, I join with with you in hoping that that will be the case.

Bon appétit.

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