In a bizarre coincidence, police officers in two South Jersey towns just had to deal with pigs on the run — one topping the scales at about 200 pounds.

Pig Loose in Washington Township, NJ

The Washington Township Police Department in Gloucester County took to Facebook to share their recent encounter with a porky pig.

Authorities say a 200-pound "big beauty" was in traffic near the corner of Egg Harbor and County House Roads near the Heatherwood development.

Pig captured by the Washington Township NJ Police Department
Pig captured by the Washington Township NJ Police Department - Photo: Washington Twp Police Department / Canva

Two of their officers were able to corral the beast.

They are asking for its owner to contact them at (856) 256-1212 "to claim him or he is going to become our next K9!"

Ofc. Frank Cicalese, one of the cops involved, said to WPVI-TV, "It wasn't the typical day on the job to say the least."

Let me tell you something, they don't tell you how to wrangle pigs as a police officer. I reverted back to my college football days like I was a linebacker coming through the middle hitting a running back. I just jumped on top it, tackled it. We tied it and that was it.

UPDATE: Police say "Pumba" the potbelly pig has been safely returned to his farm. A small child left a pasture gate open, allowing for his escape.

Same Piggy Problem in Mount Laurel, NJ

Meanwhile, up in Burlington County, police officers in Mount Laurel also had a prancing porker.

"Officers safely captured this wandering pig before it was given pig-ture perfect accommodations for the evening."

Pig captured by the Mount Laurel NJ Police Department
Pig captured by the Mount Laurel NJ Police Department - Photo: Mt Laurel Police Department / Canva

Officials say the pig either escaped or was dropped off near the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

Anyone with information about this pig is being asked to call (856) 234-8300.

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