In the post-Covid 19 World we live in today, everyone has seen changes to our work habits and professional lives.  A recent Gallop Poll showed that worker engagement is down to 32% and employees have less enthusiasm about their jobs along with the feeling of living less purposeful lives than before 2020.

The website Peak Sales Recruiting set out to rank the best and worst states for workers. They gathered information from the Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Tax Foundation, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

One of the major findings of their research is that the best states to work in are spread across the United States and five of the ten fastest-growing job industries are in Health Care.

Where New Jersey Ranks Among Best States To Work In

In the Peak Sales Recruiting Rankings, New Jersey is the 17th Best State to work in.  The Garden State receives this ranking because the average work week is 38.4 hours and job growth was at 1.5% over the past year.

According to their data gathering, 16.7% of New Jersey residents work from home and the average commute to work is 30.3 Minutes.  New Jersey residents on average work more hours and have farther commutes to work than the following states:

*Rhode Island

Photo by Resume Genius on Unsplash
Photo by Resume Genius on Unsplash

Maybe New Jersey could be higher than 17th on this list if NJ wasn't also on the top ten list of Unhappiest Employees in America.  Seems like some of the New Jersey Employers should make a better effort to give their employees a higher quality work experience and help them have a more fulfilling professional life.

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