Isn't it funny?

It never fails.  Whenever I'm traveling and meet someone new, the conversation eventually turns to, "Where are you from?"

Do you notice the look on the person's face when they hear you are from New Jersey?

This is especially true down south.

Sometimes they tilt their head, squint their eyes, and look you over.

Then they may ask, "So what's the story with Snooki?"

Or, "Do you know "Bruce?"

Others will take the moment to show off their comedic skills,

Why should you never buy golf equipment made in New Jersey?… Because New Jersey drivers are terrible.

They can laugh all they want.  But people keep coming to visit New Jersey.

According to a new report on StackerNJ is the 11th most visited state in the country.

Florida tops the list of the most visited states.  61% of adults surveyed say they have visited Florida.

It's hard to argue against visiting Florida.  I mean, in between rain storms each day, there's plenty to do.


True, their mosquitoes draw more blood in an evening than the Red Cross in a year, but still, they have plenty of good hiking- as long as you're careful not to run into alligators or snakes.


Disney World is fun to visit.  You can get a great tan, by standing in line for hours to get on a ride.

Nearly 40% of the adults who participated in the survey say they've visited New Jersey.

People can joke all they want, but New Jersey rocks.

We've got great beaches that range from family-friendly to tourist beaches- we even have a nude beach.

You want entertainment?  We've got great venues to see concerts indoors or outdoors.

We've got casinos, shopping, and some of the best restaurants in the country.

We've got skiing- both outdoors and indoors, sky-diving and culture.

Check out the complete list of the most visited states in the country here.

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