If you were asked what county was the wealthiest in our state, there are several that might come to mind right away.

In fact, Bergen County, Sussex County, and Hunterdon County would all be good guesses, although they'd be incorrect.

You might think the Jersey shore counties of Ocean or Monmouth might be tops.  Those would be good guesses, but those are wrong as well.

According to the online site, 24/7 Wall Street,  the wealthiest county in New Jersey is Morris County in North Jersey.

According to the report, the median household income in Morris County is $123,000.  That means half the household earns over $123,000 and half earn less.  Statewide, the median household income is just under $100,000.

Home values in Morris County are well above the state average.  The median home value in Morris County is $475,000 compared to the state average of $356,000.

Mendham Township in Morris County not only boasts the highest median household income in Morris County, but with a median household income of $187,000, Mendham Township has the third highest median household income in New Jersey.

Thomas Edison was born in Morris County in 1847, one of the first radio stations was located in Morris County, and the first college football game was held in Morris County (Princeton defeated Rutgers 6-4).

Today, despite its large population and proximity to New York, Morris County has maintained a lot of green acres.

The least wealthiest county in New Jersey is Cumberland County is South Jersey.  The median household income in Cumberland County is $60,000.

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