The web site put out their list of the top 25 places to live and no South Jersey towns made the cut.

Princeton Junction was the big winner, coming in at the top of the list.  This is an area that has seen great growth through the years.  Perhaps one of the best things about living in Princeton Junction, is the proximity to both New York City, and Philadelphia.

People who live in Princeton Junction have easy access to mass transit with trains departing regularly to the bigger cities to the North and South.  Taking the train is typically a one-hour commute.

Living in Princeton Junction isn't cheap.  The average home is valued at about $574,000, which is just under two times the national average.  There's lots of shopping in the area, the schools are excellent, and crime is generally not a problem.  Princeton Junction is very family oriented.


The younger set may want to check out number 17th ranked Hoboken.  As they say, what's old is new again.  Hoboken has become a hotbed for young professionals who work in New York, but don't want the hassles, or expense of living in New York.

The average home value in Hoboken is quite high, at $777,000, but that's to be expected, given the proximity to New York.  Most residents of Hoboken are renters.  Another thing that draws a younger crowd to Hoboken is the nightlife.

People who live in Hoboken have tons of options for evening entertainment.  Traffic can be a problem so many people here tend to ditch the cars an opt to walk.  The bus into NYC can be a 30-minute ride depending on the time of day.

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