Well, kid, you made it through high school, so it's time to go off to college..... and learn how to really party!

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New Jersey school named one of the best party schools

WorldTravelling.com has come up with the definitive list of the best party schools in America, with their From Best to Worst: The 50 Party Schools in the U.S. Ranked.

If you were holding out hope that there's a New Jersey school on the list, there is good news!

Rutgers University has made the list!

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Rutgers in #26 on the list of best party schools

Rutgers is right in the middle of the list. Over 33,000 students attend Rutgers.

Editors say, "offers its students the best urban and suburban experiences. Located close to New York City, students have access to the endless excitement and opportunities of the Big Apple, from Broadway shows to renowned museums."

The area around Rutgers is also home to a lot of bars, which help the party crowd have fun. "This unique location allows Rutgers students to enjoy a rich, varied college experience that combines the energy of a major city with the charm of a college town."

Rutgers v Penn State
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Three Pennsylvania schools make the list

The University of Pennsylvania is at #44.

Editors say the Ivy League school, "provides a vibrant social scene. Often called “the social Ivy,” Penn’s Greek life and social events are a significant aspect of student life."

Penn State University lands at #42.

Penn State's students' school pride adds to the fun at the school. Editors also point out "is distinguished by its robust campus pride and active social scene. The university’s Greek life and strong athletics programs create a dynamic campus atmosphere."

Rutgers v Penn State
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Don't sleep on Temple

Temple University in Philadelphia checks in as the #33 party school. "Temple’s location, amidst several other Pennsylvania colleges, means students have a buffet of party scenes, ensuring a never-dull weekend."

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Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash
Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash

Top 3 party schools in America

Here are the top party schools in the USA:

3. Loyola University in New Orleans

2. Howard University, Washington D.C.

1. Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.

SOURCE: WorldTravelling.com

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