It's not hard to have SO MUCH LOVE for the folks and the animals all over at the Cape May Zoo in South Jersey.

They do incredible work and don't even charge people an arm and a leg to come and spend time with the animals. They encourage you to do so whenever you can, too.

For those that aren't aware, the cost of admission into the Cape May Zoo right near many of South Jersey's beautiful beaches is free of charge. There is no set admission fee. They do ask, though, for a donation from you and your family. That aspect alone makes the Cape May Zoo one of the best experiences you and your family can have on your summer vacation.

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Tourists and locals alike both love the Cape May Zoo. That could be because they can see how passionate the workers are about the animals. Not only that, but they're also passionate about making sure your experience at the zoo is one you'll never forget. That's why they're always posting updates about what's going on with all the different animals that call the zoo "home." The zoo shared the update to their Facebook page that let visitors know to head over to see Marty, the camel.

Marty is an Arabian camel with one hump. That's not a birth defect or anything. Zookeeper Pete says Arabian camels are only supposed to have one. That's important for them to survive in the harsh desert climate from which they come.

It's a special week at the zoo. Guests are encouraged to seek out Marty and his roommate Walter, a Bactrian camel, in celebration of Marty's 8th birthday! Believe it or not, you can actually book a meet-and-greet experience with the camels and wish Marty a "happy birthday" in person!

We hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday week, Marty!

Source: Facebook

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