If you're looking for the places with the lowest cost of living in New Jersey, Vineland and Mays Landing (Hamilton Township) are the two cheapest.

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Mays Landing Cheap Place to Live

There are the  New Jersey cities with the lowest cost of living

A new study found that Vineland is the cheapest place to live in New Jersey, followed by Hamilton Township, or Mays Landing.

The study was conducted by the Robert Dekanski Real Estate Team, and it analyzed several factors that contribute to the cost of living. Among those are income, housing prices, childcare costs, food, and transportation.

Coming in third cheapest in the state was Gloucester City, then Franklin Township in Gloucester County. Next were East Orange, Irvington, and Camden. Rounding out the top 10 cheapest are Bloomfield, Newark, and Plainfield.

According to the study, the most expensive city to live in New Jersey is Hoboken.

Cheap Places to Live in New Jersey

Vineland is the cheapest city in which to live

Here's what the study said about Vineland: " The monthly cost per person for housing in Vineland .... $1,095. Vineland’s monthly taxes per person are one of the lowest in the state at $605."

About Hamilton Township (Mays Landing): "Monthly necessities such as household supplies, school supplies, and phone bills will cost you $510.... In addition, monthly taxes will cost just $603 per person."

A spokesman for the Robert Dekanski Team, which did the study, commented:

“New Jersey is known to be one of the more expensive states to live in, so it is interesting to see which areas of the state have the lowest cost of living. So many factors contribute to an area's affordability, and there is much to consider when moving or buying a house. The price of a home isn’t the only aspect to think about, as many things like childcare, taxes, food, and transportation costs can contribute to your living expenses. Knowing which factors will affect you the most is imperative if you plan on relocating.”

SOURCE: Robert Dekanski Team

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