It's one thing to be on the hunt for a basic job, but it's a whole different situation if you're looking to earn your living while simultaneously making an impact on your local community.

One way to combine your love of community and a fulfilling career is go down the first responder route. Without our first responders, who knows what we'd do in emergency situations. Most people understand what it means to honor that call and are grateful and appreciative of those who choose to do so.

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If you're interested in a career within law enforcement, then you might want to get in touch with the folks over at the Galloway Police Department. They recently shared the news to their official Facebook page that they're currently on the hunt for a new recruit. They're looking for a full-time hire, so be prepared to work at least thirty-five hours a week.

They're not looking for a police officer, though. Nope, this time they're looking for someone to do some administrative work for the department. It's easy to forget that being an actual police officer isn't the only job at the police department.

This job will consist of performing administrative duties such as court discovery requests, record management, and other technical duties like video and audio redaction. Keep in mind, though, that they've requested applicants have prior police service to list on their resumes. If you meet all of the requirements, then by all means, make sure to submit yours as soon as possible.

Find out even more about the position below:

Source: Facebook

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