We all have our favorite podcasts, Youtube channels, and social media influencers that we thoroughly enjoy keeping up with. Whether it's content that hits close to home for us or not, something about the style of delivery or niche of subject matter keeps us checking in week after week after week.

One of my favorite Youtube sensations is Bailey Sarian. She's a famous content creator who specializes in true crime storytimes while engaging in one specific act every girl finds cathartic to watch, putting on makeup. Not to mention, she's one hell of a makeup artist. She has cultivated an insane audience for her segments called 'Mystery & Makeup'.

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On 'Mystery & Makeup', Sarian takes a deep dive into murder stories past and present, giving listeners an experience that's super satisfying in the ASMR department. I can only speak for myself and my friends who are some pretty big fans of hers, but for whatever reason, watching Sarian apply her makeup while recounting the grueling tales of true crimes that have happened in the United States over the years really pulls you in.

One of her recounts hits super close to home. She covered the story of what happened to NJ resident Sarah Stern. If you recall, Sarah was betrayed and murdered by her childhood best friends back in late 2016. Her car was discovered on a bridge going towards Belmar and it was later determined that her best friend, Liam McAtasney, planned out the entire thing all to get the money she had received when her mother passed away.

You can read more about Sarah's story HERE.

Watching one of your favorite social media stars talk about a tragedy that happened relatively close to where you live hits you differently. The video was uploaded on July 18th and has over 7.5 million views on Youtube. 7.5 million! If anything, it's comforting to know that the gruesome fate that Sarah suffered through won't be forgotten and both men responsible are behind bars. It's almost like she got the chance to get vindicated yet again, even after the judge's hammer slammed the bench back in 2019.

If you haven't yet watched Bailey Sarian's recount of the Sarah Stern story, you can watch it below.

Sources: Youtube, ABCnews.go.com

New Jersey's Not Always Nice: NJ Teachers And Educators Busted For Sex Crimes

Over the past several years, state lawmakers have dealt with accused child predators among ranks of teachers and educators.

The following individuals were arrested and charged in 2021 and several years earlier. Some were convicted and sentenced to prison. Others have accepted plea deals for probation and some cases were still pending.

Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt

NJ arrests 31 accused child predators in "Operation 24/7"

A roundup of 31 men have been accused of sexually exploiting children online, state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced on July 14 while detailing "Operation 24/7."

The suspects “possessed and or distributed videos and images of child sexual abuse, including in many cases videos of young children being raped by adults,” Grewal said.

Chat apps and gaming platforms remain favorite hunting grounds for child predators and even as the pandemic winds down, many children have continued to spend more time online.

State Police received 39% more tips in just the first 6 months of 2021 than they received in the entire year in 2019. The following are suspects charged in "Operation 24/7."

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander/Erin Vogt


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