For some people, exercising is easy. They just pump some iron and add a bit of cardio on either the treadmill or elliptical and they're good to go.

That's all well and good for people super committed to their fitness goals come hell or high water. For others, it's not as simple as showing up to the gym and targeting a certain muscle group every day.


Just because the average gym experience doesn't appeal to certain people doesn't mean they're lazy. It just means they're looking for another way to move their bodies that doesn't sound like a chore.

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Believe me, I totally understand this logic. I get bored with average workouts easily, too. That's why it's imperative that I have a trainer. I need that motivation. It's so much easier to commit to working out when I know I have someone to guide me through it.

For others, the idea of lifting weights doesn't appeal to them at all. That's why fitness classes like yoga, Jazzercise, and Zumba have gotten so popular over the last 20 years. It's a way to get in shape that sounds fun.


Zumba is growing in popularity here Southeastern New Jersey. That trend is only likely to grow with more and more people moving into places like Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

The question then becomes "which places offer classes?"


Before, they were hard to find. Now, it seems like more and more Zumba classes are popping up all over Atlantic County.

Which Zumba classes do people recommend?

That exact question was recently posed to residents in an Atlantic County-based Facebook group recently. As always, South Jersey came through.

Atlantic County has 5 popular places for Zumba:

- Believe it or not, Stockton University offers classes every Monday and Wednesday night at 5:45!

- If you live in Mays Landing, you can hit up the 6:30p class on Thursday nights at Cologne Fire Hall.

- For people that live close to Ocean City, the Rec Center offers Zumba classes, too! You can get that information on their website.

- The AtlantiCare Fitness Center in Egg Harbor Township also offers Zumba that seems to be pretty popular.

- For folks close to Galloway, you can check out the Dance Forum on Monday and Wednesday nights!

If you'd like to add your recommendation to the list, you can do so right HERE.

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