Now that the weather is warming up, we need to find out if New Jersey is among the buggiest states in the nation.

We all know many things bug us in New Jersey, and sometimes those things are actual bugs.

Which Bugs Are Bugging New Jersey The Most?

One of the best ways to find out which bugs are bugging New Jersey residents the most is to find out which bugs get searched the most online.

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That is exactly what the folks at Native Pest Management did; some results are comforting, and some are bone-chilling.

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My least favorite bug in New Jersey is the cave cricket, also known as the spider cricket. These prehistoric-looking jumping bugs are extremely creepy but didn't make the list of New Jersey's most searched bugs.

New Jersey May Have Fewer Bugs Than We Think

New Jersey fortunately did not make the list of America's top 10 buggiest states, and here is a look, bug by bug, of how many times we search for information about each pest.

Bed Bugs - New Jersey is in the lower third on the list of states searching for bed bugs, so, in this case, you can rest easy.

Mosquitoes - You would think this would be a big one for us, but with monthly searches for mosquitoes at around 900, we are in the lower half of the nation for mosquito searches.

What About Those New Jersey Spiders?

Spiders - The dreaded spider isn't as big of a problem in New Jersey as we all fear. You'll be relieved to know New Jersey is among the states that search for spider info online the least.

Overall, New Jersey ranks as the #12 state in America for searching for insect information, with our most-often searched insects being the dreaded bed bug and ants.

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