Charlie Puth has finally reacted (kind of) to Taylor Swift's name-drop on her new album The Tortured Poets Department.

On Sunday (April 28) Puth reposted Swift's Instagram post celebrating the album's success on his Instagram Story.

In her post, the "Fortnight" singer wrote, "My mind is blown. I'm completely floored by the love you've shown this album. 2.6 million ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS?? Thank you for listening, streaming, and welcoming Tortured Poets into your life."

"Feeling completely overwhelmed. I was already so fired up to get back to the tour but you doing THIS?? May 9th can't come soon enough," she added.

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Puth was mentioned on the title track "The Tortured Poets Department," where Swift sang, "You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate / We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist."

The lyric leaked ahead of the album's official release and immediately went viral.

One fan tweeted that it's the "last thing" they expected to hear on the album.

One fan tweeted that Puth reportedly followed Swift after the song shoutout.

The two stars have interacted here and there in the past, as well, like the time Swift called Puth a "piano prince" on TikTok.

"Welcome to Tok fellow Sag," Puth commented on Swift's video, according to a screenshot tweeted by a fan.

"I've lurked your account for ages! Thanks for the welcome, piano prince," Swift replied.

Puth also sang one of his "favorite" Swift songs, "Fifteen," during a live stream once after a fan requested it.

"The reason why Taylor's so great – she has dissonant notes. And there's nowhere else to go except to resolve it, which is why her songs are so addicting to listen to," he explained on the live stream.

The "Left & Right" singer also noted at the time that he was working on a song inspired by Swift's early single "Teardrops on My Guitar," because he was "very inspired by the lyric."

Up next, Puth has a single coming out with K-pop boy group Stray Kids called "Lose My Breath," which drops on May 10.

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