This New Jersey doughnut is: jelly-filled, multi-colored, and chocolate-covered. Is your mouth watering yet?

Because MINE definitely is! The Italian Rainbow Doughnut is the latest craze at Glaze Donuts, according to When I saw the picture, I had to pause for a minute because it looked TOO GOOD!

Or maybe because I'm on a summer diet, who knows.

Either way, the Italian Rainbow Doughnut can be found at Glaze Donuts' two locations in New Milford and Wayne, New Jersey. These doughnuts are only available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because of how time consuming it is to make them!

Owner Jule Hazou on says, the idea came about because his daughter's favorite cookie is the Italian Rainbow Cookie. And, I'm not going to lie, it's one of my favorites too when that cookie platter comes around!

Learn more about this new doughnut and how it's made on!


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