Fans are thinking Pauly D may be engaged to his girlfriend Nikki Hall.

Did they see Nikki wearing a huge engagement ring? No. They saw a post on social media, but it wasn't a post from either Pauly or Nikki.

According to Monsters and Critics, Jersey Shore Family Vacation is filming in Florida and this is where the engagement speculation came from.

This random girl on social media posted a picture that her parents took while they were down there. The picture is of Pauly D and Nikki standing around a heart that is made of candles.

Neither Pauly D nor Nikki have confirmed whether or not it's them in this picture, or if they are truly engaged. Jersey Shore fans are convinced they are though.

There's no release date on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, so who knows when we'll actually find out if this speculation is true.

We do know that Pauly is extremely happy with Nikki and the majority of Jersey Shore fans are too.

It's always nice to see reality stars find love and happiness. I love seeing JWoww, Deena, Snooki, and The Situation all so happy with their significant others.

I was very excited when Pauly started dating Nikki Hall. He was always that single bachelor, it was nice to finally see him settle down.

Now, we just need to get Vinny in a relationship. Anyone who watched Jersey Shore knows they'd have the best mother-in-law. Vinny's mom Paula, is always cooking up something and is always willing to help Vinny with whatever he needs.

We will just have to keep an eye on Nikki Hall's ring finger and we have to keep an eye on both of their social media accounts. Hopefully, we can put an end to this speculation soon.

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