We aren't the only ones enjoying the warmer weather. Apparently, the spotted lanternfly is digging it too.  So much so, that we're dealing with infestations that require quarantines in 13 of our New Jersey counties.

If you're unaware of what the lanternfly is capable of, the best way to put it is that they're relentless at harming our crops, and trees causing financial hardship to farmers and frankly all of us. They are like destruction machines on a mission.

This is something we are all dealing with here in Jersey since all counties in our state have seen them with the exception of Cape May County.

The New Jersey State Department of Agriculture deemed eight counties as quarantine zones as a result of these pests.

Quarantine Counties For New Jersey:














I never understand how all this works because these guys are native to China and I know they aren’t flying all that way.  LOL.

It's true though, the spotted lanternfly instinctually wants to spread around so we're being asked to be aware of egg sacks on our cars that can spread the flies into other areas.

If you spot eggs, you should scrape them into a plastic bag to suffocate them and throw them in the garbage.

If you're in a quarantine zone, park at least 15 feet away from trees so as not to bring a little stow away home with you.

By the way, the grossest feature of these critters is their poo.  They actually have something called honeydew poo.  It has lots of sugary properties in it so it attracts mold which spreads all over plants, outdoor furniture, and flowers.

If you see one do your part and stomp it out hard!

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