This May will be my one-year anniversary since becoming a homeowner and let me tell you it has been an adventure. I definitely have a good amount of homeowner stories in just one year.

One thing is for sure, I've had a good amount of people knocking on my door with a sales pitch and offering a bunch of different stuff. I've also received letters getting invited to the local church. A letter that was recently left on my doorstep was stating that I was being offered free tree pruning.

When is anything free? I thought it was a scam and PSE&G was being used to take from my hard-earned money.

The "important notice" that was left at my house stated that Nelson Tree Service LLC was a company that was contracted by PSE&G for routine tree pruning. For some reason to me that had a red flag all over it. As soon as I read it I called PSE&G and was told by a representative that it is a legit letter. Nelson Tree Service is the third company that PSE&G hires.


That put my mind at ease a little more because sketchy stuff is happening everywhere and I definitely don't want to fall into that.

On the important notice, it was stated that this routine tree pruning is done to make sure that the trees on everyone's property do not come near the power lines and affect you or your neighbors. Being without power stinks so that is a solid move for sure.

The notice states that these services are free of charge. So if you receive a letter like this that says Important Notice and it looks a little sketchy just know that it is legit but you can always double-check with PSE&G like I did to verify that it is not scammers trying to get you.

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