Today I stopped by the Ventnor Community Center to drop of clothes and other products to just try to do a little part in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

What I saw was a community coming together to help "Restore the Shore."

The room was filled with food, diapers, water, clothes and just about anything you might need to help get you by during these trying times.  I urge you to stop by to donate, help or if you need grab something to help transition back to some normalcy.

So stop by and get what you need, it was good to see people helping people and anything else Todd and I can do on the radio, please feel free to drop us a note so we can get your message out to our listeners.



Over in Brigantine, The Brigantine Community Center is the place to go if you got wiped out and need clothes, and necessities!

They are accumulating lots of donations in the back gymnasium, but need volunteers every day between the ours of 9am-9pm. I just dropped off bags of clothes to add to the piles of donations, but those in need don't know about it due to problems with emergency reverse 911 message system.

Please get the word out that:

* volunteers are needed
* donations must be un-contaminated from the flood
* make sure you separate it, box or bag it, and label it
* this is a community effort to help those in need, so take an hour or so to help out if you can.
Let's all pitch in and lend a hand!!!

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