Yep, it's a pretty big one! What would you do if you came across this large, poisonous copperhead snake, crossing the road, in Deptford?

The other week my parents in Georgia killed a 3 foot long copperhead in their back yard. Growing up there, I know that poisonous snakes are not an uncommon thing in Georgia. I did a little research and found out that copperhead snakes are also found here in South Jersey. Who knew?

John Keller knows that copperhead snakes are in South Jersey. He posted this video on YouTube, and according to John, the snake was crossing Cooper street in front of Lake Bridge in Deptford...

This video was posted on YouTube by John Keller.

It looks like John's friend Joe doesn't mind taking chances by getting RIGHT IN FRONT of the copperhead to snap a pic! Yikes Joe!

No word on what ever happened to the snake.


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