Black Friday can be a hectic day with all of the deals stores offer.

Let's get you through the biggest shopping day of the year without all of the stress.

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    Plan Ahead

    Check websites of stores you want to hit before you go. You don't want to miss out on any sales or door busters this weekend. Avoid missing out by planning your shopping ahead of time.

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    Download Apps

    Most stores have their own apps these days. If you didn't check sales ahead of time you can check the app for sale details. Target's app features Cartwheel that allows you to scan products as you shop to check for both Target and manufacturer coupons. RetailMeNot is an app that shows you all sales and coupons stores offer. Just type in a store and the app will show you what sales and coupons they offer both online and in store.

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    Shop at Lull Hours

    Meal times are the best time to go shopping. I worked retail for a few years and worked my fair share of Black Fridays. There is one thing I learned, people love a good sale, but they love eating more. Shop during lunch and dinner times, stores will be less crowded. Also shop early morning Friday, I'm talking before 5am early.

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    Wear Comfy Clothes

    I can guarantee you no one is judging you on your attire on Black Friday. If you are shopping in sweats and Uggs people will stare in envy.

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    Don't Forget About Small Business Saturday

    Shop Local! Many local businesses hold Black Friday weekend sales too. Don't forget about those mom and pop shops.

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    Stop Posting and Texting

    Everyone is in a hurry on Black Friday weekend and nothing is worse than being behind someone in line that's not paying attention. The cashier calls for the person 8 times before they notice because their face is in their phone. Don't be that person.

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    Don't Forget it's just Stuff

    At the end of the day it's only things, don't get into a fight with someone over the last Tickle Me Elmo.