EEEEEK. We all have our favorite pajamas, but how many of us fall victim to wearing it for days? According to this report, this is how often you need to change them.

Seriously, what would we do without Inside Edition?! They did a recent tour around someone's house with Good Housekeeping's Meagan Murphy.

Meagan says women on average switch out their pajamas every 17 days. We should actually be switching them every THREE. I'll admit that I wear the same pajamas at least a week...17 days is pretty gross, ladies.

She also goes on to break down other hotspots for bacteria like the remote control, car steering wheel, AND bathroom towels. As long as we clean these frequently, we should be decent.

Lastly, she mentions bedsheets. As someone who washes her bedsheets when it's laundry day, I'm a little itchy now! Bedsheets need to be washed at least once a week to get rid of all the potential dust mites and dead skin cells lingering. Gross!

Just when you think you're a clean person, news like this comes along to tell you otherwise!

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