Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has 'Moves Like Jagger', not one but two current top 10 singles, and a Victoria's Secret model girlfriend.  He's not a man lacking in confidence.  But will he take his chops down a solo road? Adam Levine has built a tremendous amount of success on the back of his band.  Maroon 5's three albums have all resulted in numerous radio hits, and the latest Hands All Over was doing moderately well coming off the third single 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed'.  But it was Adam's break from his bandmates as a judge on NBC's 'The Voice' that has gotten him, and Maroon 5, their most attention to date.  Levine's sharp-shooting, no-nonsense opinions and his reluctance to hold back how he really feels on any judging panel or in any interview has made him the endearing bad boy of pop/rock.  Adam seems to be all about his band buddies.  He has a dangerous combination of arrogance and humbleness that makes him uber attractive to his audience.  The crooning, the smile, the abs (reportedly from hours spent each day studying yoga).  When he sings he's sensitive and strong, knowing how to put a woman in her place, or take his place as her pet.

He protests he's 'Never Gonna Leave This Band', but now recent collaborations with Gym Class Heroes, Kanye West and Christina Aguilera have made Adam Levine THE 'it guy' on the music scene.  'Moves Like Jagger' featuring his reality competition panel mate Aguilera was the end result of a long and tumultuous relationship between Adam and Xtina on 'The Voice'.  The song cannot currently be found on Maroon 5's latest record, yet it's a bigger smash than anything the band has released prior.  A mainstream, multi-format proven winner, #1 everywhere from Billboard to iTunes.  And now, 'Stereo Hearts' by Gym Class Heroes is becoming a chart topper as well, seamlessly blending Adam's vocal prowess with Travis McCoy's cutting rap.  Adam Levine's status has gone outer limits, extremely high profile, and the star stratosphere is where his career is headed, in my opinion.

Now comes word that Adam is currently in the studio writing solo material with music's other 'it guy', OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.  So even if that project is only an experiment, and even if he doesn't ditch the other Maroon 4 and leave them in the shadow is his recent exposure, a solo venture seems imminent.  Let's just hope come what may, we're not left waiting 10 years for a new Maroon 5 album like No Doubt and the whole Gwen Stefani situation.

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