If you ever wanted to learn the slang that the kids are using these days you can always check it out on Urban Dictionary. If you ever wanted to find the funniest definitions of words or phrases you can always check it out on Urban Dictionary. The website is user generated, so the definitions are usually quite amusing. The site gives you the user generated definition, a thumbs up or thumbs down system for other users to rate the definition, multiple definitions for one word or phrase, and examples of the word or phrase in a sentence.

We decided to check out what Urban Dictionary says that the definition of "South Jersey" is. We have to say it was pretty spot on.

The site shows you the "top definition" first when you click on a word or a phrase. For South Jersey, it was entered in by a user named Nicole on May 7, 2005. Her definition states:

South Jersey..because Philadelphia is our city, we love WaWa (and there is at least 1 every 5 miles), the Eagles (people randomly shout out the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES cheer EVERYWHERE), a good hoagie not sub/hero, a real [cheese steak], [we put] jimmies on our ice cream, you ask what exit ...off of the NJ turnpike, [it's] the shore not the beach (and you always go there after prom), you know where the [C]herry [H]ill, [M]oorestown, [D]eptford and even [E]chelon [malls] are, and we think North Jersey should be a separate state.
It's wudder not water.
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That is a pretty legitimate definition for South Jersey. If we go by Urban Dictionary's thumbs up or thumbs down scale, this definition has 896 thumbs up and 262 thumbs down.
Another definition from 2005 by a unknown user is:
Southern part of jersey [obviously.] People who live there have a '[S]outh [J]ersey accent.' [W]e [don't] say JOYSEEY, we say JERZY. [Wawas] took over all [of] the 7-11s...South Jerzy rockz...
 In 2008, piggyears22 wrote:
South Jersey, one of the best places on Earth. The home of Atlantic City, the country's playground. We love Wawa, and if you don't know what the heck a Wawa is, then sure as heck don't live here. Try to snatch a Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet our of our hands, and you'll only have a fraction of your fingers left, gauranteed. We wouldn't dream of pumping our own gas and the average cost of our houses is anywhere from $5oo,ooo to a cool million. Our lighthouses are beautiful, and the beaches, bays, lakes, and rivers that they overlook are even more stunning. In South Jersey, we know the value of a horse and a farm, much unlike our Northern brethren (they like factories and other toys). We have the sickest accent ever, and yes we drink "wooder" (water), and eat "begels" (bagels). Not from here? That makes you a shoobie, and we automatically don't like you. And yes, we can point you out, no matter how cool, calm or collected you may seem. We're [expletive], get over it. Here, the middle finger is worshipped. We looooooove pizza, and other junk that'll kill us in the long run. We do to know how to drive, don't be mad because you're stuck in the slow lane...
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Mikedog12 wrote, "A commonly misunderstood region of the country..." Rackqueen made me laugh and described me by saying, "...We are "[g]uilty" of using the word "like" at least 20 times in a story and we have attitude so deal with it..."
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