You can even say the same things about Monday's ugly sibling, Tuesday, as well.

Monday, Monday. Were you ever good to us? Without doubt the worst day of week, unless you think Sunday or Tuesday take that title, which is not a bad argument, but doesn't win.

Sunday is still part of the weekend, and Tuesday is just 24 hours away from Hump Day. Also, lots of tacos are consumed on that day, and who doesn't love tacos?! But back to Monday. The subject of our case analysis today.

South Jersey, you really let us know how you feel about Mondays. You certainly did not pull any punches, all the while hilariously explaining your emotions.

From Aldous Pasagui:

Michele Lo Sardo:

Some of you, for whatever odd reason, are happy it's Monday. Please explain.

Carmen Natal Young, why?

Probably my favorite! Melissa Ann: 

Heather Moore Miller, for realz:

Seriously... Amy Joan Culleny: 

Dawn Vulmurrqgatto:

Really everyday, Geri De Medici:

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At least Monday only happens once a week!

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