What you're about to watch is equally disturbing and cringeworthy. This video that was taken in North Jersey at the Short Hills Mall just may make you lose faith in humanity. 

Last night, I was making the rounds on TikTok when a video of a woman throwing an absolute temper tantrum at a Victoria's Secret grabbed my attention. I was equally shocked and saddened to find that this disturbing behavior was taking place at the Short Hills Mall in North Jersey. Keep scrolling to learn more about the incident, and to watch the footage for yourself.

What happened in Victoria's Secret at the Short Hills Mall?

The woman recording the footage is named Ijeoma Ukenta. At the start of the video (which you can find at the end of the article), you can see the "Karen" aka Abigail Elphick coming towards Ukenta, looking like she's going to hit her. Naturally, Ukenta films it out of self-defense. This article from Revolt explains that Ukenta said the Karen pushed her out of the way before the filming even began.

Things soon take a much darker turn

Elphick starts throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the store, screaming at Ukenta to stop recording her - and then drops to the floor, kicking and screaming. As if that weren't bad enough, the Karen chases Ukenta around the store, yelling at her to "get away from her," which makes absolutely no sense. And then Elphick said Ukenta was threatening her!

Why is this a problem?

Aside from the obvious issue of a grown adult acting like a child and causing a scene in public, the Karen was not escorted from the mall. Also, Ukenta clearly was not doing anything to warrant this treatment from Elphick - all she did was record the encounter to protect herself. If Elphick was that upset by being recorded, she should have left. The original videos were also removed from TikTok, which is upsetting.

I'm deeply upset by this entire situation, to say the least. Abigail Elphick's behavior was 1000% out of line, and from what we can see, she was not punished for it. No adult should act like that, especially towards someone who didn't do anything wrong! I am happy that Ijeoma Ukenta made it out of the situation safely.

Check out the disturbing incident for yourself below. The first is the combination of all Ukenta's clips into one video, and the second is one of the scarier parts of the tantrum.

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