The name Karen came out of nowhere a couple of years ago to be the standard name to describe someone who, well, is not very nice. describes a Karen this way:

"Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors.

As featured in memes, Karen is generally stereotyped as having a blonde bob haircut, asking to speak to retail and restaurant managers to voice complaints or make demands, and being an anti-vaxx, Generation X soccer mom."


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Must suck to be a Karen these days, right?

Well, one Karen - and we won't use her last name - posted in the private Galloway Township Happenings group this little nugget:

"I'm about to leave this group. Tired of it using Karen to refer to problems. How would you feel if it was always referring to your name??!!"

Karen's upset!

Her post has resulted in scores of replies, some tame, some rather salty. Let's share with you some of my favorites. (Again, since this was posted on a private Facebook group's page, we will hide the identities.)

  • I can't wait until Dick has something to say.
  • Such a Karen post.
  • It’s a hard time to be named Karen. Your best bet is to roll with it lol. Also, and unfortunately, you’d probably have to leave earth right now to avoid this. (JK: to whoever wrote this - do you need a job? We're hiring content creators!)
  • At least you lived up to the name.
  • This is the ONLY place you've ever heard the term Karen? I bet the Felicias are trying to change their names too.
  • This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure.
  • Please write a formal letter and put it on my desk if you are putting in your 2 weeks, Karen.
  • My name is Helen, feel free to use my name. I need the distraction from my real-life issues.
  • Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!
  • Be happy your name isn’t Debi.Debbie Downer. Debbie does Dallas. Little Debbie’s.

Or Joe! How'd you like to have your name mean coffee? I hate coffee!

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