Whether it's 5% or 20%, tipping can be confusing, especially around the holidays. Who gets a tip? Who doesn't? How MUCH do you tip someone? 

Lizzie Post, co-host of the Awesome Etiquette podcast offers up her own advice in a U.S. News and World Report article. She says, “Start with your budget and think about the people who made the biggest difference in your life.”

Sounds like decent advice if you ask me! The article then continues on with a brief list of who to tip this holiday season. Check out a couple of examples, below:


Maid/House cleaners:

If your household has a regular cleaning person or if you use the same company for a weekly service, you should definitely tip at least one visit's worth of cash. For example, if your services are $200 each visit, you should aim to tip around the same.

Trash/recycling collectors:

Most often there aren't local restrictions on this type of thing, but you might want to check with your township. Even IF there aren't any restrictions, you should try to aim for $10-$25 per person. The U.S. News and World Report article states that you don't necessarily have to wait around for them to come pick up your trash, feel free to drop the gift off at their headquarters.

Babysitter or nanny:

For the person who cares for your children while you work, run errands, enjoy a weekly date night, etc. a tip is a MUST. The article suggests tacking on some extra cash that equals one night's visit. For a nanny that's with your child though, you'll want to boost that tip to equal between one week's and one month's pay.


Your child’s teacher:

While there's no rule here, you might want to avoid cash and instead give the class a gift. Many teachers might even have a classroom wishlist that you can buy from! The article even suggests teaming up with other parents and perhaps giving a larger gift. OH! And if there's a teacher's aide, don't forget to include them as well.

No tip necessary:

You are NOT expected to tip the following people: your doctor or dentist, a lawyer, dry cleaner, co-workers or your boss. The article suggests perhaps baking something for these important people in your life.

See the full list of who to tip and who to not, here.

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