We all have love for our four-legged furry friends - even more when a story comes out about their heroic ways.  Up in Massachusetts, one dog saved its owner from potential tragedy involving an oncoming train.

Meet Lilly (dog in picture) - she is an 8-yr-old pit bull who about a week ago found herself saving the life of Christine Spain.  Spain, the dog's owner, had been laying unconscious in the path of a freight train.  The engineer of the train saw Lilly pulling Spain out of the train's path, but unfortunately the train could not stop in time before hitting this heroic dog.

The owner escaped unharmed, but Lilly has suffered a variety of injuries.  She is currently OK, but is in need of help in her recovery.  You can find out more about this story, and how you can make a donation to Lilly's care and treatment by clicking here.