We've almost come to the end! The home stretch! It's almost the end of January and it feels like it's been at least three months since Christmas. Why does January feel like the longest, slowest month of the year every year?


Turns out, there's a scientific explanation why January seems to drag on and on. Who knew?

The feeling is due to your internal dopamine clock. Dopamine is the hormone released by the brain that's stimulated by pleasure, satisfaction, accomplishment, etc. Newstatesman.com reports a study has concluded that dopamine is released frequentlly throughout the months of November and December due to all the events surrounding the holidays.

You're always busy during the holiday months. There's so much to do and very little downtime which results in higher dopamine levels compared to the rest of the year. January brings that to a screeching halt since you're back to the old grind.

With not much happening in January besides getting back to work, the mind feels bored which slows the body's internal clock, thereby making time feel like it's passing at a snail's pace.

Read the complete study HERE!

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