The Toys R Us Liquidation sale is on and soon your Toys R Us Gift Card will be basically worthless. You can now use your gift card at another giant retailer but only for the next couple of days.   

USA Today reports that you now will be able to redeem you Toys R Us gift card at Bed Bath and Beyond. There is a deadline so, you'll have to act quickly and before 11:59 PM ET on Thursday April 5th.

The balance on your Toys R Us Gift Card must be at least $20 or more and what you get for your card may differ according to the report.

Bed Bath and Beyond has set up a website so you can see what the value of your Toys R Us card is and what your Bed Bath and Beyond egift card is worth. Keep in mind there is an exchange rate of $64.20 for a $100 Toys R Us gift card. The exchange rate also applies to Babies R Us. is also reporting the retail toy giant has shut down its website entirely. No purchases can be made online. Another reason to use you Toys R us Gift Cards sooner than later.


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