Wait. That's Big Boy. The old restaurant icon. What's he doing here?

The original Big Boy mascot has been around since it was developed in 1955. According to Wikipedia, The "chubby boy" was developed to help represent the Big Boy restaurants that began in the 1930s.

Big Boy restaurants are still around. The franchise does have a website, although we can't seem to find an accurate count of how many locations still exist.

The curious thing about our Big Boy is how he's dressed. Every Big Boy photo we've been able to find shows Big Boy in a red checkered uniform:

Google Maps
Google Maps

"Our Big Boy" is dressed in blue overalls with a tan shirt. So, is he from the original Big Boy chain, or not? He is holding a hamburger!

So have you figured out where this Big Boy is located in Galloway Township?

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You'll find him at The Wash at Galloway!


If you pull into the car wash, you'll see Big Boy watching you (I guess to make sure you pay). The Wash at Galloway is located on the White Horse Pike. (Free plug: they really do a great job in cleaning cars.)

So where did this Big Boy come from? (Did he come from the same place as Cotton-Eyed Joe???)

The business's website doesn't offer any clue about the origins of their Big Boy.

So, we have questions! Where did Big Boy come from? How long has he been overseeing the cleaning of cars? How old is that hamburger?

If you know the answers, please let us know. (They say curiosity killed the cat....)

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