One of the best things around this time of year is cuddling up on your couch to watch one of Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies. Now, you have a drinking game to go with it!

While I'll never openly admit it, between Lifetime and Hallmark channel, both have my heart when it comes to cheesy Christmas love stories. Sure, the acting is a little bad, you basically can guess what happens next, and the girl ALWAYS gets the guy - but man, is it good.

Thanks to Facebook user and apparent Hallmark movie fan, Brittany Graves created a full drinking game for us to enjoy alone, with friends or significant others:

Brittany tells HelloGiggles she likes to play this game while drinking apple cider mimosas.

Which I now need the recipe to!

There you have it, a Hallmark movie drinking game to warm up to! Enjoy.

Source: HelloGiggles

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