A local bus driver and 92-year-old woman bond over their love of the Philadelphia Phillies on rides. When he found out she'd never been to a game, he saw an opportunity to help.

Ida Geltzer lives in Towers at Windsor Park in Cherry Hill. Two days a week, bus driver Tom Bush picks up Geltzer and other residents and takes them to the Katz Jewish Community Center. Geltzer and 62-year-old Bush would use their weekly visit to chat about how the Phillies were performing when Bush found out Geltzer had never been to a game.

So, Bush reportedly got in touch with the team and managed to get a pair of tickets for Geltzer to attend the June 4th game versus the San Francisco Giants, according to Courier Post. Bush, of Gloucester City, even used his own daughter's car to drive Geltzer and a friend to Citizens Bank Park.

Geltzer tells Courier Post of Bush, “He’s the greatest. We had the greatest time with him. You can’t get a better bus driver than him. I think there’s nobody like him. He’s just super.”

SOURCE: Courier Post

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