Other states might find it weird that it is illegal to pump gas in New Jersey. But that isn't the weirdest law by far. Here's a list of the weirdest laws I found in New Jersey.

Now, in total it seems like there is an abnormal amount of weird laws here. So, I chose the ones I found the WEIRDEST.

If you'd like to see the full list of weird laws in New Jersey, visit this site.

Are you ready? Okay let's do this!

  • 1

    It is illegal to slurp soup in a public place

    Sure, slurping ANYTHING is annoying, but you have to wonder what in the world brought this law on?

  • 2

    It is illegal for birds to poop on statues

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they aren't aware of this. How does one give a ticket to a bird, anyhow? Huh, New Jersey??

  • 3

    It is illegal for a man to knit during fishing season

    What if he wanted to make a nice sweater, hat combo for his prize fish? Let him live his life, its 2017.

  • 4

    It is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder

    It's called self-defense, how dare they thwart a murder? (totally kidding before I get angry trolls)

  • 5

    In Haddon Township, it's illegal to annoying someone of the opposite sex

    Good to know, Haddon Township doesn't tolerate cat calling!

  • 6

    It's illegal to frown at a police officer

    So, if you're feeling some type of way about getting a ticket, better keep smiling in New Jersey!

  • 7

    It is illegal to boil bones on your property in Sea Isle City

    OK, I cannot be the only one wondering where this originated from

  • 8

    In Mount Laurel, it's illegal to get drunk at your house and annoy everyone

    LOL, whoops. Sorry friends.

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