It was the best day ever when a friend let me come over to play with his pet squirrel! This little one totally stole my heart. Watch us get to know each other.

This baby squirrel appeared in the Egg Harbor Twp. backyard of my former colleague Mike Ferriola while he was raking leaves with his grandson. Apparently, the squirrel was really eager to play and hang out. Mike surmises that the squirrel got separated from her mother, or knocked out of it's nest too soon.

She certainly was down to snuggle when I met her, curling up in my lap and on my shoulder, and attempting to suckle on my finger. I'd brought some strawberry slices along, having researched that they're actually a squirrel favorite, and we became fast friends. The Ferriola Family will pass the girl squirrel, whom I've named Fiona, to a sanctuary where she can be fully nourished and hopefully lead a long, safe life. Isn't she just the CUTEST? I miss her already.

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