I have limited exposure to exotic animals -- pretty much, I've touched a squirrel and a snake but I've never had an exotic animal as a pet, so I was intrigued to learn that the newest vet at Stafford Veterinary Hospital specializes in exotic pets. I love my cats to death, and I'm excited to hear the team at Stafford Veterinary Care is enthusiastic about the health and welfare of all pets.

I recently got to ask Dr. Cassie Bruno a few questions about her career and passions:

Q: What does exotic pet veterinary care entail?

A: I love being an exotic animal veterinarian. Along with seeing regular domesticated pets, I get to work with rare exotic pets, such as pigs, ferrets and various reptiles, amongst others.  Since caring for exotics isn’t as common, it can be challenging to make sure to educate the clients on their breed’s specific care.

Dr. Cassie Bruno (Stafford Veterinary Hospital)

Q: What has made you successful at this?

A: I have succeeded by learning new things every day and putting my research into practice. There really are so many different breeds and varieties that all require specialized husbandry.

Dr. Cassie Bruno (Stafford Veterinary Hospital)

Q: What drew your interest to being an exotic animal veterinarian?

A: I was raised in Bergen County, NJ and I attended Rutgers University, then graduated from Ross University and Auburn University in Alabama. I have always loved animals and wanted to help them, so veterinary medicine was an easy choice for me. I have an affinity for exotics because I grew up with exotic pets throughout my childhood.

Whether you have an exotic pet or a more traditional breed, Dr. Bruno and the rest of the staff at Stafford Veterinary Care is happy to help you make sure your pet is health and happy. To learn more or to make an appointment, see staffordvet.com or call (609) 597-7571.