"I remember seeing flames all around me and then just trying to leave."

Those were the words of 12-year-old Michelle Khiev, who was the only survivor in a fiery crash on the Atlantic City Expressway Sunday night that claimed the lives of her two older brothers and her sister.

Khiev spoke to 6ABC Wednesday and she credits a local pastor who had stopped at the scene for preventing her from running back into the car to save her relatives.

It was just after 9:00 last Sunday night when, according to NJ State Police, a car struck the eastbound Egg Harbor Toll Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township.

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Police say the driver, 31-year-old Reachthon Khiev, and a front-seat passenger, 27-year-old Reachsieh Khiev, both of Manchester, NH, were killed. A backseat passenger, 14-year-old Keotepie Khiev of Atlantic City, also died.

A toll plaza worker was also injured in the crash.

Pictures on Twitter show a heavilly charred vehicle across toll lane #5, which also suffered significant damage in the blaze.

The eastbound lanes of the Expressway were closed for nearly seven hours as the scene was cleared.

A GoFundMe page was established to assist the family. As of Friday morning, over $67,000 had been raised.

Authorities continue to investigate the accident.

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