Fourth of July weekend is around the corner, and the weather is going to be SCORCHING. Just be careful going into the water, because it's cold...-er.

I thought I was overreacting when I went to the beach last weekend and felt my toes go numb. The water was FREEZING. Yes, I'm aware they're usually always cold, but this was too much to swim in!

Turns out, the water IS colder than usual especially for late June. Across South Jersey, water temperatures have been ranging between low 50s-mid 60s. Mind you, the National Center for Cold Water Safety, says you should swim with caution when water temps are below 70.

So, yeah - it's cold!

The cold waters are the result of an increase in south and west winds coming over the Shore. This cools the water, whereas north and east winds would warm the water. Unfortunately, we haven't had any.

Of course people will dive into the water either way to cool off. Just keep that in mind while you're at the Shore this weekend!

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