Don't even lie. You've done it.

Picture this: you're getting back in your car after a long day of walking.  Maybe you were at Great Adventure or dancing at a concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center.  Your feet have had enough, and sitting just isn't cutting it.  You have got to take your shoes off, but you didn't bring a pair to change into!

This may be TMI, but the same thing happened to me this weekend.  I had spent 6 hours walking around, and my cute sandals gave me a blister.  My drive home was about an hour long.  I knew I wasn't going to last.  Thankfully, it was my left foot that was bothering me, so driving wasn't really a concern.

Is it gross to drive barefoot?  In my humble opinion, absolutely.  I would never do it if there were other people in the car.  But when you're alone, you gotta do what you gotta do.

More importantly, is it legal to drive barefoot?  I have to be honest, in all of my times of foot freeing need, I never bothered to think about whether or not driving without shoes on was actually legal.

Is it legal to drive without shoes on in New Jersey?

According to the website, it's legal to drive barefoot in New Jersey, however, it isn't the safest thing since it "reduces traction your foot has on the pedal."

I'm going to take this as a sign to keep a spare pair of shoes in my trunk.  They'll go great next to all of my reusable bags that are there.

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