If you live and breathe Harry Potter, you will be happy to know that Yuengling's newest ice cream flavor is Butterbeer!

For those who don't know what's Butterbeer, it's frothy sweet deliciousness that everyone drinks in Harry Potter.

The first time I ever went to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, I beelined STRAIGHT for the butterbeer cart. I was hooked from the first sip! It tastes like butterscotch, root beer, and cream soda combined. The froth on top of it also gave me a gnarly mustache.

Heres a lovely pic of me sipping on this cup of heaven back in 2013:

Social Spring Gonzalez
Social Spring Gonzalez

The ice cream flavor is reportedly a mix of buttercream and butterscotch with a butterscotch swirl. MMMM.

Check out the press release from Yuengling's Ice Cream here, and keep your eyes for Butterbeer ice cream on Sept. 1!

In the meantime, do you have any DIY Butterbeer recipes? I've tried online, but I need some help! Let me know in the comments below.

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