In the hopes of giving families a fun but still safe activity away from the house, Hammonton has introduced a new pop-up outdoor movie experience.

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And, boy was Hammonton quick to spring on THIS! Governor Murphy on just sign an executive order allowing car gatherings for the purpose of drive-in and drive-through events on Wednesday.

The Kathedral Event Center and the Eagle Theatre have partnered up to present 'Karpool Cinema', taking place at Kathedral Event Center. Last night's strictly in-car preview night was so successful, that encore screenings of Toy Story 4 will take place tonight (May 15th) and tomorrow night (May 16th) at 9 p.m. 

Gates open at 8:00 p.m. Admission is $10/car load. Tickets are available online only and must be printed and presented upon arrival to gain entry. Kathedral Event Center is located at 499 S. Egg Harbor Rd. 

This is a contactless event. Vehicles will be parked 10 ft. apart and guests MUST stay in their vehicles, but may roll down the windows and open rear hatches. No concession stand or restrooms available.

Officials say that in weeks to come, 'Karpool Cinema' will evolve to a larger screen, with more movies being announced soon, and may even include restroom and concession stand, according to a press release sent to SoJO by Jim Donio of Destination Hammonton.

SOURCES:; Press Release provided by Destination Hammonton

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