There's a shop in historic Haddonfield, Camden County where you can watch a movie while sipping on a smoothie. It's appropriately called, Groovy Smoovies.

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Groovy Smoovies, located on Kings Highway in Haddonfield, is the brainchild of Antonne Jones. As a film producer, writer, and book publisher, Jones wanted to find a way to pair his love of movies with smoothies.

And the fruity/veggie blends are all inspired by movies, too, like the 'Beauty and The Peach' and the 'Purple Reign'. Me? I've got my eye on the 'West Side Smorey', which blends graham cracker, almond milk, chocolate, and marshmallow. I'll be singing 'I Feel Pretty' while I sip. BTW, drinks are customizable, according to

Groovy Smoovies is where classic smoothies meet classic movies! The shop, which is movie-themed right to the old-fashioned movie theater ticket booth, is always playing a film favorite, according to

Look, if you've gotta eat healthy, at least make it FUN, right? I think this is genius! I'm only sad that I didn't think of the concept before Antonne, because drinking smoothies while watching TV/movies is pretty much a daily activity for me. I can't wait to check out Groovy Smoothies in person next time I'm in the Haddonfield area.

Groovy Smoothies is located at 223 Kings Highway in Haddonfield.


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