Earlier today N.J. Gov. Chris Christie stood with President Obama with the promise that there will be no quit until recovery here from Hurricane Sandy is done, but the recovery is going to take time.

Getting people back to their homes safely is part of this process, and the governor does not feel it is time to go back for certain area yet.

Word has come out hat the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management had sent a request to Governor Christie asking permission for Avalon, Stone Harbor, and all areas in the Wildwoods to reopen.  Christie has denied this request.

Cape May County has NOT lifted the mandatory evacuation order for the Barrier Island Communities in Cape May County, and it should also be noted that there is still a State of Emergency in place for The Garden State.

As of 6pm on Halloween night it should be noted that Atlantic City Electric reports over 110,000 still without power, but that number is down by nearly 20,000 since this morning.