Governor Chris Christie has never been afraid to be at times unconventional, and at all times himself.  Another side of The Garden State's highest ranking official came out yesterday in a video that pays homage to Seinfeld.

A video came out last night at the New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents Club show.  Christie was seen with the Mayor of Newark in a video that obviously channels the Seinfeld-Newman rivalry in a parody that spoofs the heroics of Cory Booker, and Christie's vice presidential potential.

The governor finds himself thwarted by the mayor in a battle of do-rights.  You may remember that Mayor Booker rescued a neighbor from a fire last month.  This battle also has fun at the fact that Christie is a Republican and Booker is a Democrat.

If you were a true Seinfeld, then appreciate the "Booker" moments in the video that is currently the most watched on Xfinity's website.  CLICK HERE to check out their honors.

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