It's always the worst when you have nothing to do, and have to text multiple people to figure out who's available to hang out for the day...ah, millennial woes. Well, now there's an app to let you know who is available to hang out.

Google's new Who's Down App let's you instantly see who is free to meet up, and socialize in person. All you have to do is the toggle the switch, and you will appear as available. It's somewhat similar to when you're on Facebook and there's a notification that you're available to speak...except this is for physical interaction.

But don't worry, the toggle doesn't remain on all day if you forget to switch it off. The toggle remains on for three hours unless you manually switch it off. Users can also add what they are up for doing, such as perhaps grabbing sushi. The app will then notify friends who may have similar plans in mind.

The app is only in it's testing stage, since Google's other two apps, Buzz and Google+, didn't get the reaction the company hoped. So, for now in order to use the app there has to be an invitation.

It sounds like a pretty cool app to use. If all else fails...there's always texting.