This is something that I’ll be thinking about for quite some time, thanks to a video on Tiktok that went viral recently.

User Christina Phillip posted a terrifying video of what she saw in her toilet bowl after she, to put it delicately, “relieved herself.”

Christina is heard in the video screaming that she had just gone to the bathroom when she noticed that she wasn’t alone.

@missycina via tiktok
@missycina via tiktok

Now I know it’s a stereotype that we women rarely go to the ladies’ room alone, but this is a step (or perhaps, a slither) too far.

Resting in her toilet bowl is what she estimated to be a 5-foot yellow rat snake.

Thankfully, that type of snake isn’t venomous, but I'm going to need a moment while I try not to vomit all over my laptop’s keyboard…



Some of the commenters on the video summed up exactly how I feel:

“I would've passed away.”


“This was one an ‘irrational’ fear of mine and after seeing this video I now realize I have every right to be scared.”

That last comment wasn’t written by me but it may as well have been. Seriously, take another look at this thing.

@missycina via tiktok
@missycina via tiktok

For reasons I don’t even know, I’ve long been paranoid that I’m going to one day go into a bathroom and come face to face (or *another body part* to face?) with a snake that has made itself nice and comfortable where it shouldn’t be.

Snakes aren’t the only creature that could be lurking, rats, spiders, and frogs have also been known to sneak around in plumbing.

TSM Illustration
TSM Illustration
loading... recommends that should this happen to you, you should quickly close the lid of your toilet before calling animal control.

So what do you say, NJ? Are you with me on this being a thing you now worry about or are you able to sit through this video without wanting to smash your phone?

@missycina♬ original sound - Christina Phillip998

Please let me know if this continues to just be a “me problem” in the poll below.

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