Beach erosion is no joke along the Jersey coastline.

Pictures have been rolling in after a gnarly nor'easter ripped through New Jersey which caused high winds to roll back sand along many of South Jersey's beaches. Among the beaches impacted were some in Wildwood, Ocean City, and Brigantine, to name a few.

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After the storms, people ventured out to the beaches to check out the damage. Unfortunately, South Jersey's shorelines took a hard hit this time around.

It's pretty rare for the beaches of Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean Counties to experience erosion of this magnitude this time of year. Since they have, there's now quite a bit of work to do before Memorial Day Weekend. Most municipalities say the beaches should be ready for people to enjoy by then.

While beach erosion like this isn't ideal this time of year, it does tend to reveal some pretty cool sights to see that are buried beneath the sand. Brigantine's erosion from the latest storm has revealed the remnants of the old lifesaving station. If you're not familiar with lifesaving stations, they have staffed stations up and down the coastline that served as the only rescue and relief for boaters before the Coast Guard was founded.

Not only was the foundation for the Brigantine lifesaving station unearthed, but so were some remnants from the old Brigantine Castle. Back in the day, Brigantine Castle and pier were a hot attraction for vacationers who loved to get scared. Today, you'd never know anything of the sort existed in Brigantine.

Check out what the wind revealed along Brigantine's beach.

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