Three cheers to Girl Scouts of America, because they're adding 23 new badges encouraging girls to pursue their interests in science, tech, engineering and math!

Also known as STEM, these new badges will be the largest addition in a decade for Girl Scouts of America according to NBC News. Girl Scouts from any age group can learn anything from robotics and engineering to coding starting from kindergarten!

This new addition gives girls the encouragement to study math and science, which is typically seen as male-dominated field. But not anymore! By introducing girls at a young age and building their confidence, they'll be more inclined to pursue a career in the STEM world.

It doesn't stop there. Apparently, by next year 'Cybersecurity' badges will be joining the list of possible badges.

With almost 2 million girls participating in the Girl Scouts of America, this is bound to have a positive influence on young women across the board.

Once again, round of applause to Girl Scouts!

Source: NBC News

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