It's a Barbie summer and its signature color is pink. But why just wear pink when you can drink it! Check out this Barbie-inspired seltzer being poured at a brewery in Galloway, New Jersey.

I've seen the Barbie movie twice now and I'm considering seeing it a third time before summer's over. It makes me feel bubbly inside to indulge in all things Barbie again, even as an adult.


That's why I'm so happy to see so many businesses, large and small, embracing the Barbie trend while it lasts.

I specifically made a trip to a local brewery this weekend just to sample their Barbie's Summer Seltzer. What could be more summery?!

I mean, even its logo screams 'summer'. Sure, that COULD be Malibu Barbie surfing the waves, but I like to claim her as our very own Jersey Shore Barbie.

And it did not disappoint. Those bubbles I feel inside watching the Barbie movie have totally been replicated by Garden State Beer Company.

Their Barbie's Summer Seltzer is delicious. It's 'a tart + refreshing seltzer, made with hibiscus petals, blueberry + a hint of lime'.

TSM South Jersey; Canva
TSM South Jersey; Canva

It's naturally colored and flavored and nearly gluten free. It's so, so good but it probably won't be around for long! So, grab your fellow Barbie lovers and get to Garden State Beer Company on the White Horse Pike in Galloway to do some sipping on this seltzer.

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